Riverdale Public Library District   

Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy

The Riverdale Public Library provides free unfiltered wireless (WiFi) access to the Internet for users with wireless-enabled laptop computers, tablet PC's or other WiFi enabled portable computing devices.  By choosing to use the Library's WiFi service, the user agrees to abide by the Library's Wireless Network User Agreement (below).  All relevant Library rules, regulations and policies apply, including but not limited to the Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy.

Using the RDPL WiFi Network


Riverdale Public Library District   

Wireless Network User Agreement

  1. All relevant Library rules, regulations and policies apply, including but not limited to the Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  1. The Library DOES NOT filter the content of the wireless network. The Library is not responsible for the content, accuracy or availability of any external sites linked outside of the library's website.
  1. Parents or guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Parents may wish to supervise their children's Internet sessions or purchase filtering software for their computers.
  1. Wireless connections are not secure. Users should not transmit credit card information, passwords or any other sensitive personal or business information over the Library's wireless network. Anti-virus and security protection are the responsibility of the patron.
  1. The Library is not responsible for any loss of data, or for theft or damage to personal equipment or software.
  1. Library staff cannot provide technical assistance on using the Library's wireless network.
  1. There is no guarantee that a wireless connection can be made or maintained.
  1. The Library assumes no responsibility for any alterations or interference with a computing device's configurations, operation or data files resulting from connection to the WiFi network.
  1. The Library staff reserves the right to terminate a wireless network session at any time due to behavior they judge to be in conflict with this policy, including but not limited to: accessing or transmitting any material in violation of federal, state or county regulations (this includes, but is not limited to, copyright materials, threatening or obscene materials (as established by ordinance such as the Cook County Ordinance Prohibiting Child Pornography) or materials be trade secret) ; violating any computer systems integrity ; violating software license agreements and copyright laws ; violating another user's privacy or behavior in a manner that is disruptive to other users.
  1. Due to the proximity of other customers and the security limitations of electronic files, privacy cannot be guaranteed for any customer using the wireless network. While respecting an individual user's rights to privacy, the Library Staff reserves the right to monitor use of the wireless network to insure compliance with this policy
  1. The USA Patriot Act provides opportunities for federal surveillance and allows requests for Library records, including Internet use records.
  2. You may print documents from your laptop, home computer, wireless device, or anyplace that has an Internet connections. For instructions, follow the link on the library's homepage. 
  3. You must click the "I Have Read  & Accept The Riverdale Library's Wireless Network Policy" button below to connect to the Library's wireless network.  If you successfully connect, you will be sent to another website.

Approved: October 9, 2006
Updated: September 22, 2008