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    Betty Robinson - Riverdale's Olympic Champion
          Quick Facts
          1928 Olympics
                Betty Robinson Was United States' First Girl Olympic Champ Calumet Index (no date)
                Betty Robinson Homecoming Celebration - August 28, 1928
                Betty Robinson Receives Her Home Town's Acclaim With Modest Smile
                Chicago Herald & Examiner Tuesday, August 28, 1928
                Betty Goes To Harvey For New Honors
                She Won 1st Gold For U.S. Women - Chicago Tribune, Sunday Jan. 27, 1980
                Riverdale Girl 1st With Gold - The Times, Monday, July 30, 1984
                A Little Running Goes A Long Way For Calumet Region Teenager-Chicago Sun Times, May 10, 1992
                Riverdale Teenager Set The Pace - Chicago Tribune, Sunday, December 18, 1994
        Betty Survives Plane Crash
        Betty's 1936 Olympic Comeback
        Riverdale Hosts Centennial Tea to Honor Former Olympian--September 19, 1992
                Betty Robinson-Schwatz's Homecoming Program - Saturday, September 19, 1992
                Racing Back Through Time: First Female Gold Medalist Comes Home. Chicago Trib., Sept. 27, 1992
                Betty Holding Her Medals
                Betty & Johnny Weismuller On Ship To Amsterdam
                Betty With Teammates in Amsterdam
                Betty With Teammates at New York Parade-1936
                Betty's Thornton High School Photo
                Betty Arriving at Chicago's Union Station After The 1928 Olympics
                Betty's Welcome Back To The U.S.
                Betty With New York City Police Officer
                Betty's Family Reunion
                Betty in Berlin '36
                Betty & Husband Richard
                Betty Congratulates June Griffith at Olympic Trial Meet at Madison Square Garden
                Betty's Return To Thornton High School
                Betty & Husband In Naples, FL
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