tapemeasure graphic  Mathematics & Conversion Tables

Ask Dr. Math--a question and answer service for math students and their teachers. 
CalculateMe.com - Comprehensive Conversion Utility
Calculators On-Line Center--provided by Martindale Reference Desk.
Calculus on the Web 
Calculus Tutorial--tutorials provided by Havey Mudd College.  new site
Convert-me.Com: Interactive measurement conversion calculator
Cool math .com -- an amusement park of math and more! Math lessons, math games, math practice, math fun!  new site
Good Calculators--free online calculators. new site
Hooda Math -- math games, math worksheets, math tutorials.  new site
Math2.org--includes all levels of math and includes a web-based discussion board for math talk and posting/answering math questions. 
Mathematics Lessons--algebra, geometry, fractions, and more. 
MetricConversions.org--includes conversions for temperature, lenght, distance, are, volume and weight.  Also includes online calculators and conversion tables. 
Online Conversion - Convert anything to anything else--Convert just about Anything to Anything else. Over 8,100 Conversions and Calculators
Periodic Table--Web Elements (Chemistry).
S.O.S. Math --mathematical tables and formulas. 
Teach R Kids Math--includes online worksheets.
Calculus Tutorial--online mathematics tutorials provided by Harvey Mudd College!  new site
Units of Measurement 
Universal Currency Converter(tm)--helps you calculate how much any amount of one currency is worth in another currency.
WebMath--includes all levels of math.  new site

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