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American Civil War Homepage--gathers together in one place hypertext links to the most useful identified electronic files about the American Civil War (1861-1865).
American History and World History--the core of this site is their timeline of world history.  The second major section of their site is devoted to Americas War's.  This section includes the history of every major war in America's history from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War.  These sections include photos and description of each major event. The biography section of the site includes biographies of 500 most important .
most comprehensive resource on the history of the presidency and the nature of policy making available online. new site
Chicago History Museum
Constitution of the United States--includes the complete text.
Country Flags U.S. State Island and Nation Flags
Cybrary of the Holocaust--"shares art, discussion, photos, poems, and facts to preserve powerful memories" of the Holocaust.
Flags of the World
History and Politics Out Loud--searchable database documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevent to American history and politics. 
The History Channel--check out what happened this day in History and speeches in history.
The History Net - Where History Lives on the Web
people in the 20th century. 
HyperHistory--presents 3,000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps.
I Do Solemnly Swear...: Presidential Inaugurations--provided by the Library of Congress.
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
National Archives and Records Administration--independent Federal agency that helps preserve our nation's history by overseeing the management of all Federal records.  new site
Presidents of the United States--in this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included.
State Flags of the 50 States 
Those Were the Days, Today in History--also includes archives for the whole year.
Historical Documents--American Memory--provided by the University of Oklahoma Law Center.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
World Atlas of maps flags and geography facts  new site
Year by Year 1900 - 2005 

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