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Borrowing privileges and full use of Library Services are based on residency.


For a library card, a resident is defined as a person who has a domicile (legal residence) within the Riverdale Library's taxing area 5 years of age or older.


Group A

Group B

(Currently valid) (date of issue within 2 months)
1 I.D. Current year's tax bill
     Driver's license Leases/Mortgage papers (not handwritten)
     State I.D. Postmarked business mail (not handwritten)
     Senior Transport I.D. Bills (credit card, insurance, doctor, utility)
      Traffic Ticket Pay Stubs
  Government issued checks

Invoices, layaway receipts and checkbooks are not acceptable as verification of residency.

Residents changing addresses within the Library's taxing area must provide the same ID's required when applying for  a new library card.  Residents who move from the Library's taxing area should return the cards to the Riverdale Library or turn them in to the library where they now reside.

Library card applications are not issued or processed within 30 minutes of closing.

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Reciprocal Borrowers:
Reciprocal borrowing privileges are available to residents of Riverdale Library's taxing area and to non-residents who pay a non-resident fee equal to the highest non-resident fee charged by any RAILS library.  A resident who has been referred to a credit bureau is NOT eligible for reciprocal borrowing privileges until the account is settled.  When the account has been settled, a Riverdale local use only card will be issued (see below for explanation of local use only card).  Reciprocal borrowers who have outstanding credit bureau fees will have their cards retained and return to the issuing library.

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Local Use Only Cards:
These cards are issued to Riverdale residents, who provide proof of residence (see proof of residence section for details) or non-resident taxpayers.   While it will carry a computer number, it may NOT be used for reciprocal borrowing with other libraries.  It is valid for 1 year.  A local use only card may be issued for any of the following reasons:

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Non-Resident Taxpayer Card

One (1) Non-Resident Taxpayer Card may be issued per parcel of taxable land owned.


A non-resident taxpayer card is valid for one year and may be renewed as long as eligibility continues. Use of the card is limited to the individual named on the library card and is not transferable. The card holder is entitled to the full services of the Riverdale Public Library.

The application for the card must be completed in person at the Library. In order to establish eligibility, the following documentation pertaining to the parcel must be presented at the time of application:

    A true and current copy of the most recent tax bill. Verification of payment of taxes will speed the processing of the card.

    One of the following:

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Chicago Residents

You must present a valid Chicago Public Library card and two (2) forms of identification for verifying that you reside in Chicago.

Your card is given to you provided all the procedures above have been met.

Your card will expire in one year.

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Customers may renew their Riverdale local use only card or RAILS/Riverdale system card for a 1 year by showing 1 form of identification with the current address.  The identification can be 1 of the following:

Other forms of identification may be accepted.

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Lost/Damaged Library Cards:

Library cards that have been lost by the customer must be reported immediately to the Library. Once the library card has been reported lost, an inquiry is done.  Any delinquencies accrued prior to the date of the report are the responsibility of the customer.  The card will be set to a "lost" status in the computer and the date of the report noted in the database.

To replace the card the customer must:

Library cards can not be issued within the last 30 minutes of the close of business.  Information can be given concerning application for a card and applications can be distributed.

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